A Tree Called Home - Kent Klich

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A Tree Called Home by Kent Klich

Kent Klich's latest book describes daily life at Psychoneurological Residential Institution PNI A, a mental health facility in Saint Petersburg with more than a thousand inmates. The book begins with a quotation from the Russian journalist and human rights advocate Lev Indolev, describing the hacking order among invalids, that is to say, “the incompetent, the unfit”, in today’s Russia. The highest on the ladder are the wounded from the Second World War. Somewhere in the middle are those wounded while serving with the KGB. And at the very bottom are those who have no one to blame – those with congenital defects. Kent Klich dedicates the book to the latter, the ones with nobody else to blame.  

A Tree Called Home is published together with the book:
Psychoneurological Asylums in Russia:
The Relationship Between Normativity and Violence

by Leonid Tsoy.
Also included are specified drawings, photographs
and papier-mâché homes by Aleksey Sakhnov and
a text by Fred Ritchin, The Other and Us.
The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition
A Tree Called Home at Landskrona Foto, 2021.

286 pages, 123 photographs
21 cm x 28 cm
English edition, ISBN 978-91-519-8022-5
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